imageCardboard Moving Boxes - Recycling Vs. Buying

Cardboard Moving Boxes - Recycling Vs. Buying

18Aug 2010

You've set aside everything that needs to be packed, and you're about to arrange them inside recycled boxes that you got during your last trip to the supermarket. But then, you think twice and ask yourself, Should I buy new boxes? Before making a final decision, consider the following points:
Environment friendliness
Are you doing the environment a favor by using recycled boxes?  Maybe. But it's also possible that in order to make up for the lack of padding and sturdiness of your box, you're actually using more paper, styrophoam and bubblewrap.
Proper box use
Boxes from a store are designed to be just strong enough to safely carry whatever it is you purchased from the store to your home. It's made for a single use. Given that it will probably stand a couple more uses, there's still a good chance that an activity as demanding as moving house will push the cardboard beyond its capacity, and you ay end up with a mini-disaster on your hands.
Specialized boxes
At first glance, buying boxes that are specifically designed for moving may be unnecessary. But isn't it worth the extra expense to make sure that your valuables are transported in containers that you know can do the job?

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