imageBuy a House Even If You're Single

Buy a House Even If You're Single

04Jan 2010

You're moving out and you are deciding whether to rent a house or buy one. Most people like you choose to rent an apartment until they find a partner who can share a payment to buy a house. But you should not wait until your partner comes because right now, you can already purchase a house.
Getting a Salary?
If you are single and have a good job, there is no reason why lenders will not allow you to get a housing loan. After all, what will you do with your money aside from spending it to enjoyable activities that you'll regret later on? It's better to invest on something that will be financially beneficial for you than waste your money on partying and buying highly expensive gadgets that sooner or later will depreciate in value.
Imagining yourself paying monthly mortgages for the next decades of your life is something to be fearful about. It's just normal but you'll see that if you'll overcome that fear, something more wonderful and beneficial will be yours-a house.
You may pay monthly sum of money but you know that what you do will pay off someday. Besides, renting and paying monthly mortgage is only the same. The only difference is that paying mortgages promises that you will own the property someday but paying the rent is just making your landlord richer.
If you only can, better buy a house now and start putting your money into good use. It may become harder to own a house anymore if you let this chance pass.

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