imageBe Supportive to Your College Kids Move

Be Supportive to Your College Kids Move

16Jul 2009

Be Supportive to Your College Kids Move When it comes to moving, your college kids still need some guidance. More than anything they still need your moral support. Nevertheless, do not be too clingy to your kids. Let them handle the decisions on what they want to take to college. Of course, you could make some suggestions on the types of things they might not foresee they would need. If you and your kid are very close you could even go shopping together. This way you would be able to help your kid prepare the things he or she will need. You can also have some bonding time together before your kid finally goes to college. Make sure that you let your kid know that you are proud of him or her. Let him or her feel that your home will always be open to him or to her anytime she needs to come home. Tell your kid that if ever he or she needs to talk to you, you're only a phone call away. To even show how much you care you can give your kid a surprise package filled with his or her favorite things and some necessities like laundry coins, medical kit and phone cards. Your son or daughter will surely appreciate the effort and the thought.

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