imageBasic Practical Tips on Packing

Basic Practical Tips on Packing

21Oct 2009

Packing is one of the most important tasks you need to do to when moving. After all, your move would not be complete if you don't bring your belongings are not transported to your new home. But then you need to pack your things properly so they will be safe during transit.
Using the Right Boxes
Your things especially fragile items are safest if packed in appropriate boxes. The right boxes would provide the best protection for your things. For instance, glasses would be safer in boxes that have dividers. Even if you wrap glasses individually beforehand, the dividers would keep them from bumping each other.
Heavy items such as wines and CDs are better packed in smaller boxes. Putting them in big boxes would make carrying difficult so they have the tendency to get dropped. If this happens, the chances of breaking the contents would be greater.
Essential Filling and Padding
Putting sufficient padding and filling are important so breakable items won't break easily. The first thing is to put sufficient padding at the bottom of every box. Then as you fill each box with things, you have to make sure you fill all spaces in between with crumpled paper of linen so the things would be stable and they would not bump and break. China and glassware are wrapped individually with bubble wrap, paper or linen before placed inside the box. When boxes are almost filled, sufficient padding should be placed on top to protect the contents of the box.
Keep Boxes Sealed
Before putting anything on the box, seal the bottom of the box well with several layers of tape. After boxes are filled you also have to a seal them well so your stuff would get to your new home safely.

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