imageAdvantages and Disadvantages of Self-Storage

Advantages and Disadvantages of Self-Storage

18Jul 2012

Self-storage industry is a significantly new business niche that is gaining more and more credits. It is not popular in every country in the world, but definitely it is well-known in the biggest ones. Self-storage service providers rent space to tenants. They provide rooms, containers, or outdoor space in which everyone can store and access his belongings. The units are even locked with tenants' own lockers and keys. The company has no rights over the unit. All you have to do to get no interference is to regularly pay your bill.

Doing self-storage has its advantages and disadvantages. No matter if you are an individual or a small business owner you should have a look at them if you are interested in doing self-storage. So that you will be aware what you can expect from companies that offer such a service.

The advantages of renting a self-storage unit are numerous. There is no long term commitment. It is up to you how long you will use the unit. The payment is on monthly basis and you determine the period of usage. You can exploit such a unit to store seasonal equipment such as your boats, jet skis or winter equipment or you can rent a unit to temporarily store your furniture when moving home.  It is great to have the freedom to choose the terms. Then you have to consider that you'll have your own additional place for storage. If you do not use self-storage you will have to sell or throw out the extra belongings. This way you can keep the items that are sentimentally important to you but you do not really need.

Security is another big advantage. Most of the self-storage operators have monitoring to protection the facility. Motion sensors or an electronic keypad are also a good option for a thief prevention. So you can keep precious things in your container such as antics, jewelries or expensive equipment without any worries.

Of course, there are some disadvantages to be considered. The biggest one is the cost. You have to pay to store something that very often you do not really need. After all, storing is a bad investment. Another disadvantage that should be mentioned is the access. Self-storage facilities are not located in your residential neighborhood. It takes time to get to your stuff. And finally if you run out of money for any reason and you cannot pay your bills you might end up losing the things you have stored in the unit, because in such cases the company has the right to hold a public storage auction.

Well, there are advantages and disadvantages using storage facilities. Generally the benefits are more than the negatives. It mostly depends on the purpose of storing. For commercial renters the existence of such facilities is definitely a big benefit. This will even help their business development. For individuals, though, it can be not that beneficial because they can end up wasting money on things they will never need.

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