imageA Primer on Moving Quotes Know What You Have to Know

A Primer on Moving Quotes Know What You Have to Know

19 February 2016

A Primer on Moving Quotes: Know What You Have to Know


Moving Quotation Tips

Especially in these hard times, it’s important to always decide carefully on which moving service to hire. This is why you need to compare quotes from different outfits to know which works best for you.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, quotes refer to an estimate a moving company sends you regarding how much they think they’ll charge when if you decide to hire them as your mover. When looking at quotes is important to remember these three basic pointers so you’ll get the best deal that works best for you.

Categories: Binding and non-binding

There are major categories of quotes: binding ones and non-binding ones. Binding quotes are usually considered as fixed rates and cannot be decreased – or more importantly, increased – because it is considered a legal document. Only when you elicit extra services not included in your original agreement can your end payment be higher than the amount indicated in your binding quote. Before you get a binding quote, your home is usually visited by a representative from the moving company to see what exactly you will need the company to do for you. Binding quotes are usually higher than non-binding ones, but have specific guarantees that ensure that the amount indicated will also be the amount you pay at the end.

Non-binding quotes, on the other hand, are more fluid than binding ones. They usually indicate a smaller amount as there is no actual assessment of the service you need and only a rough estimate is given. The bad thing about non-binding quotes is that it may mislead you regarding the amount you will be paying at the end since many non-binding quotes are much lower than the actual amount the company charges you in the end.

Scope of service

It’s also important to inspect the scope of services covered by a quote. Don’t just look at the total amount, look at what this amount covers as well. This way, you can see if the quote includes services you don’t need or are lacking a service you do need. This way, you are presented with a more accurate idea of how much everything will cost, which will allow you to budget your finances accordingly.

Watch out for scams!

There are a lot of firms out there who will try to cheat you out of your money by offering very low quotes, only for you to find out at the end that what you’re going to pay them is much, much bigger than the price they gave you. There’s a saying that “If it’s too good to be true then it probably is”, and while you’ve probably heard it said many times before, it still rings true in this case. Rock bottom quotes don’t necessarily mean that you’re going to get a good deal.


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