imageA moving out checklist for selling your Swiss Cottage home

A moving out checklist for selling your Swiss Cottage home

29Jan 2013

If you have decided to move out of your Swiss Cottage home and into a new home, then you need to start thinking about all of the stuff you need to do in order to move out fully and prepare yourself as much as possible to move into your new home, with so much to think about it is easy to forget to do something, and that is where this checklist will come in useful. Use the following a guide to help you move out of your Swiss Cottage home. •    Have a look at everything you are going to be taking to your new home, do you have the space to fit all of this into your new home?  Or is your new home smaller than your old one? Does the look of your belongings fit in with the décor of the house and the feel of the rooms? Is there any furniture or items that are going to need to get rid of, either because it will not fit or because it does not match or fit in well with the new home. •    Start sorting through your belongings, de-cluttering as much as you can while you are sorting. Sort your things into stuff you want to keep, stuff you want to keep but cannot house and therefore need to be stored, stuff you want to sell and/or donate, things for the recycling and things for the rubbish. Consider anything you are throwing away that is considered a specialised item, like a fridge freezer, how to intend to dispose of these?  After you have de-cluttered everything left in your home should be able to be stored away out of sight, making the home look tidy and organised.•    Choose a date that you are going to be moving home on to give you something to work towards, and start making plans with removal companies or firms that you are renting vehicles from etc.  Remember that if it is peak season when you choose to move home, you may end up paying more. •    Think about whether there is anything else you need help with in order to move home, things like do you need help packing your belongings or de-cluttering your stuff, will you be need storage solutions or a cleaning service?  All of these things removal companies are now either able to offer, or they can put you in touch with a company that does offer these services. You will need to contact various removal companies to find one offering the services you require at a reasonable price.  Do plenty of research on a removals company before you book them, don’t just jump in, read real customer reviews online and ask for references from the removal company.•    If you are moving a distance from your current home it may be necessary for you to change things like your dentists, doctors, opticians, vets etc.  if someone in your family needs one of these services urgently, the last thing you want to have to do before you can get seen is to have to register, so make sure you do this in good time. •    Make sure you set up a re-direction service on your post so that anything sent to your old address will be forwarded to your new address for you. •    Take note of the electricity, gas, water meter readings and ensure you have all of these utilities turned off before you leave. •    Make sure you pack an essentials box which should contain everything you will need for the first 24 hours in your new home.

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