imageA Checklist of Home Items and Furniture

A Checklist of Home Items and Furniture

08Apr 2011

Do you want to ensure that all of your items and belongings are brought into the new place? Well, you need to have a checklist and make inventory of the things you are going to bring to your new home. Make some notes about what you need to move, dispose and sell.
As you do the checklist, you should store your items boxes. It is also important that you know which boxes you use and store each of the item. When you unpack and arrange your things in the new home, you will also need the checklist so you know where to display them. It is also recommended that you put label or sticker that will give tag on the boxes.
If you will hire a removal company to help you move your items, ensure that you place notes on all the boxes they will carry. They should know which boxes contain fragile items so they can take good and proper care when they will carry each of the packed boxes.
You must also get insurance for the financial safety of your items. This protects your belongings in case of accidents wherein damage or breakage may occur during the way. If there are missing items, the moving company will replace, refund or pay the value of any items lost, stolen or damaged.


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