image8 Tips for Choosing Storage Units When Moving House

8 Tips for Choosing Storage Units When Moving House

09Dec 2009

Storage units are essential for storing your belongings in during a move. So keep these tips in mind whilst choosing the right storage unit for your move.
1. Choose a unit that is near your home or office to save time and fuel travelling to and from the storage whilst carrying your things. The location should also accommodate moving trucks.
2. The storage unit should be big enough to fit all your storage needs. If you have delicate or sensitive things, the storage unit you choose should be temperature controlled.
3. Don't forget to check on the storage price. If you plan to store your things for long periods, you could negotiate for a discounted price. As there is no contract for most storage units, you have to check on the storage rates periodically as you never know when prices change.
4. Choose a unit with operation hours that fits your schedule. If you find maximum time to use the units during holidays, find out if the unit stays open on public holidays and special holidays. If not, at least ensure if special arrangements could be made to open them.
5. The unit should have sufficient security like gates, door alarms and use of access entry codes. Well-lit corridors are a must, and everyone's actions should be tracked by the facility.
6. Choose a unit with friendly staff who will be able to give you timely assistance.
7. The units, grounds, corridors and roadways should be clean and well maintained.
8. There should be nothing hidden in the contract terms and conditions. Make sure you understand its rules and regulations, especially about payment and termination of the storage period.
Use these tips to choose the best storage unit for your move.

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