image7 Tips in Choosing Storage Boxes for the Move

7 Tips in Choosing Storage Boxes for the Move

17Dec 2009

During a move, you have to ensure that all your valuable belongings remain intact and safe. This is why it is important that you choose the right boxes for your move with the following tips.
1. The most important factor in choosing your box is its strength. Storage boxes are available in all sizes, shapes and strengths. It is obviously required that you buy the strongest box for maximum protection of its contents. This is why you have to use moving boxes with a minimum of 32 ECT or 200 pounds test of strength. If you opt for cheaper and weaker boxes, they only end up crushed under the load.
2. Beware of moving boxes that sell weaker boxes of 150 pound test, stating that they are moving boxes. These boxes are not meant for moving, but only for lightweight usage.
3. The box's strength is found printed on its bottom flap, along with information about the capacity of the weight the box can handle.
4. Large boxes meant for wardrobes and kitchen dish pack boxes should have a higher test weight. Remember that it is not necessary for large boxes to carry a lot of weight.
5. How you pack a box is as important as how you choose a box. This is because boxes that are not fully packed can cause damage as its empty space creates trouble.
6. Though it is cheaper to use used boxes for your move, they are generally weaker. Moreover, the glue of the seam on the box side becomes unreliable. This is why you have to inspect boxes well before packing them.
7. Always buy moving boxes from companies that offer refunds if you are not happy with their moving boxes. This way you have nothing to lose during the move.
Use these tips to ensure you get the best storage boxes for your move.

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