image5 Reasons to Move to Scotland

5 Reasons to Move to Scotland

03Sep 2013

If the London 9-5 city lifestyle just isn’t cutting it for you anymore, it is completely understandable that you may want a change. Getting up the cracking dawn every day and having to ride the tube for an hour in the morning before then having to work for 8 straight hours and catching the tube home can take its toll on some people. Many people thrive on such a lifestyle, but others find it soul-destroying and mind-numbing. It should come as no surprise, then, to find out that many people chose to ditch such a lifestyle in order to pursue a different quality of life. Many Brits now live in other EU countries, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and countless other states. No matter where you go in the world, there will always be an ex-pat community living in peace and harmony. But, if you are moving in order to escape the mundane lifestyle of the English city, you don’t need to move half way across the world to achieve this. Just to the north of England lies a little country called Scotland which can offer you many of the benefits of living abroad. Here are but a few benefits of relocating to Scotland: 1)    They speak the same languageAlthough it may not seem like it sometimes, the national language of Scotland is, needless to say, English, although to the uninformed their accents may say otherwise. One of the main disadvantages of moving abroad is having to face a language barrier. Moving to Spain when you do not speak Spanish seems like a daunting and harrowing prospect, as you will have to spend your days as an outsider until you pick up the language. Luckily for anyone relocating to Scotland, this isn’t a problem as there is no language barrier. 2)    The sceneryScotland is home to some of Britain’s most beautiful natural sights. The highlands are awe inspiring, and the locks that scatter the land are all natural beauties in their own right. Scotland is also home to Hebrides, a truly beautiful place in terms of landscape and the animals that populate it. From dolphins to basking sharks, if you are a naturalist, it is hard to beat the wonders that Scotland has to offer. 3)    The educationIf you are moving in order to start a family, your children’s education should be near the top of your lists of interests. Scotland is home to some of the best higher education institutions in the world, such as Edinburgh University, Glasgow University, and St Andrews. Best of all, they are all free for Scots! So if you were to have your children in Scotland, they would be entitled to free higher education when they grow up (well, not free, but education that has no upfront fees). 4)    Lower cost of livingCompared to the rest of the UK, and especially London, cost of living in Scotland is much cheaper. So if want to get more bang for your buck within the borders of the UK (for now), Scotland is the place for you. 5)    For the leisure activitiesAs mentioned before, Scotland is home to wonderful natural beauties, unrivalled in the UK. But the country is also home to great cultural activities. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which happens every year, is the biggest of its sorts in the world and is, quite literally, a barrel of laughs. With any and every comic storming the city for a month each year, if laughing is your game, then the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the place to be.

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