image5 Important Things You Should Not Forget when Moving to a New Place

5 Important Things You Should Not Forget when Moving to a New Place

27Nov 2009

More often, due to the heavy schedule to follow and timelines to beat during the moving out, there are certain things that we negligently forget to do.  Below are some of the more important things that you should not forget when moving out to a new place:
Make sure that all public and private documents are gathered prior the day of moving out.  Documents that are important to you such as school papers, office documents, car licenses and registration, and the like should be placed in a single envelope and have it labeled highly important.  Find time to know your new place address. Knowing your new place address will allow you to disseminate the same to your friends, relatives, and even utility services where you have current commitment. Don't forget to cancel your current commitment such as newspaper, cable, internet and the like.  Doing this the early time can save you money from getting billed for unused services.  Just the same, if you have things that are borrowed, have them returned prior the actual moving out.  You might end up re-opening all your boxes should they be unreturned.  When you are able to meet the new owner, immediately hand the keys to them. Or if you have really forgotten to turn over the keys, have the garage gate and main door open. 
So, before you get into trouble because of your negligence, have these things immediately taken into action.

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