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Published on Monday, 14 March 2011

2 Things to Put in Your Moving Out Letter At a certain point, you would be terminating your agreement or your contract with your landlord or landlady as you wish to move out.  Whatever the reasons you have of moving out,  you will need to inform your landlord about it and the best way to do it is by sending him or her a moving our letter.  Below are some of the things that you need to put in the moving out letter:
Make sure that the letter allow for a 30-day grace period before evacuation is required.  This is going to be a protection between you as a tenant and the apartment or condo owner.  Include in the letter as to when this will commence and ensure that this is recognized and understood by both parties.Include in the letter what you are leaving behind.  Usually, the landlord will give you a list of all the things that you have seen in the apartment.  Make sure that you include in the letter this list, too. In this case, you will be free from any obligation should anything happened with those stuff or things.
The letter of moving out formalizes the termination of agreement between you and the owner, thus this should be made in a formal way, too.
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