image2 Common Protection Options Offered by Movers

2 Common Protection Options Offered by Movers

29Aug 2009

2 Common Protection Options Offered by Movers Who says you don’t need a moving insurance? You need to have a moving insurance if you can’t afford to buy another set of household things for your house. But don’t you worry because moving companies offer you protection options that can surely protect your belongings. If not, at least you can have some money to start buying new items.  Full Value Protection. With this option, all the items that were lost, damaged, or destroyed will be replaced with similar items, repaired, or paid on installment basis. The mover will choose how he will pay for the item. The good thing about this option is that the depreciation of items does not apply. However, the moving company will be the one to determine the value of your claims. Also, movers have the right to limit their liability on damage or loss of items under this option.  Released Value. Compared with the other protection options, this will give you minimal protection. The mover can only assume liability of not more than 30 or 60 cents every pound of the damaged, destroyed, or lost item. The only good thing about this is that it provides minimal compensation also. Both of these protections can really protect you from mishandling of items. But it is still better that you shop around for other options. You might be given better protection if you purchase insurance terms.

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