image10 Best Tips When Moving House

10 Best Tips When Moving House

19 February 2016

10 Best Tips When Moving House


Tips on House MovingHassle—this can be the single word to describe how hard it is to move from one house to another. Just imagine how big your house is and how many things that are stocked in it. And imagine carrying all those things miles away. And also imagine arranging all these things to your new house again. It’s really a hassle! The worst part is, moving is not a one-day activity only. It may need your entire one or two months! So, to lessen the moving hassles, better follow these 10 best tips:

1.Have a list of all your things.  Maybe you already have some big boxes containing all your things. Don’t forget to label them and keep a list of what are in the boxes. This way, you can monitor your belongings once they arrive in your new house.

2.The more packing supplies, the better. Gather all the boxes, tapes, and wraps you can collect. The more packing supplies you have, the lesser will be your expenses and the better will be your packing.

3.Use color coding for the boxes. Color coding the boxes will help you remember the things in them. Aside from the list, doing this will be a lot helpful. For example, assign blue for the kitchen and red for the master’s bedroom.

4.Group similar things. Why not consider grouping your things depending on their type? Have a separate box for all the books and magazines, shoes and slippers, clothes, and so on.

5.Pack your things as early as possible. Better start the packing immediately once you’ve already scheduled the moving. Packing takes a lot of time and doing it abruptly will only cause trouble. So, months before the actual moving, better pack all your things little by little. You don’t have to take a one-month leave. You can do the packing every weekend so it won’t hinder your job and other activities.

6.Make use of your luggage and bags. Luggage and bags are great ways of keeping your things. So, instead of considering these things just some space consumers, better consider them as space helpers.

7.Wrap your valuable items more securely. Give extra protection for your valuable items. Don’t just wrap them with plastic and put them in the box. Double wrap them and give them added protection like Styrofoam.

8.Keep your important documents with you. Don’t leave your important documents in the boxes, bags, or luggage. Keep all of these with you when you move.

9.Give personal boxes for each of the family members. Through this, you can save time packing things and they’ll also be able to check their things before moving.

10.Ensure a good parking for the delivery vehicle and a good access to the house. Loading and unloading your things are very strenuous. But if the vehicles are parked in the accessible area, you won’t have to worry about loading and unloading your things.

You can always have fun with anything you do—even moving from one house to another. But you can only do this if you avoid the extreme hassles of moving. And these tips were made to help you have a hassle-free moving.


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