image10 Basic Steps for Packing to a Smooth Move

10 Basic Steps for Packing to a Smooth Move

24Feb 2010

Some people are so busy and occupied during the process of moving. Sometimes, you overlook the packing part because of excitement and lack of time. Either way, as soon as you arrive in your new home, you will find some of your packed belongings scratched, chipped or broken.-this can always be prevented by careful packing.
Here are a few steps you can follow when packing your items for moving.
Collect boxes of different types. Spacious cartons are ideal for your pillows, clothes or cooking pans. On the other hand, small cartons such as book cartons are perfect for heavy items like canned goods and wine.
Turn the carton upside down then fold opposite flaps of carton.
Tape the flaps securely with a 2-inch packing tape.
Provide cushion for your fragile belongings. Collect papers, towels, linen or bubble wraps.
Wrap you china wares separately.
 Place them in the ends or edges of the box to keep them from sliding while on the move.
Each carton should have two thirds of china and one third cushions.
Combine light and heavy items in one carton for easier carriage. Remember to use padding to fill each carton. You can also choose to fill the carton with items right to the top.
Tape the carton in the same way you secured the bottom. Do not interlock folds.
10.  Finally, label each carton with name, room its contents and a brief description. This can speed up your unpacking after the move.

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