image Preparing Your Kids When Moving Out After a Divorce

Preparing Your Kids When Moving Out After a Divorce

13Dec 2009

Kids are very sensitive and cannot take up issues such as divorce between parents that tears the family apart. Kids feel frustrated, angry and sad. Parents should offer additional support for the kids to digest the bitter fact.   * Even after divorce, it is essential to maintain contacts with your ex to avoid adverse effects on the child. This will be helpful for the kid to express their feelings to either of the parents.   * Be truthful to the kid. Depending on the age of the kid, explain to them the cause of divorce. If the kid is too young to understand, satisfy them by saying that there are certain issues upon which the mom and dad cannot agree and it is not possible for them to stay together.   * Listen to what the kid has to say. In fact, encourage them to express their feelings. Assure them that everything is going to be fine and there will be no difference in your love towards them.   * Never criticise your ex before the kid. This will create a negative impression about you in their hearts.   * Many kids worry that their improper behaviour is the cause of divorce. Assure them that they have nothing to do with the divorce.   * Make efforts to socialise the kids.   Lastly, to take better care of the kid, it is essential to take good care of yourself by having good diet and regular practice of exercises to maintain good health.

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