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Our team of E2 professional moving pros is here to help you whenever you need. There is no need to suffer in silence during your E2 moving process, when you could instead make the wise choice and sensible move of calling [PHONE NUMBER’] where our team of E2 office personnel would be happy to help you with making the next plans for your forthcoming move. When choosing a professional removals team, we appreciate that there is a lot of choice and so you may be unsure of which team to pick for the job. However, London Removals is different from any other company because we offer an excellent choice of complete moves for every business and home mover. Plus, we will also try our best to fit your E2 move in around your personal time frame so that it suits you down to a T. Choose wisely and choose us for your E2 relocation and look forward to a happy moving experience.

The E2 postcode district covers the areas within the Bethnal Green district, which includes the areas of Bethnal Green, Cambridge Heath, Haggerston and a part of Shoreditch. These areas are situated in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and also the London Borough of Hackney. Both of these London boroughs form a part of inner London, which is the area of London made up of all of the London boroughs which are closest to the centre of London. The surrounding areas, which are furthest away from central London, i. those which are located right at either the very north, west, east or southern point of the city are classed as outer London and are the less influential and less populated areas of London.

Bethnal Green is a London district which is classed as a part of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. For many years, Bethnal Green was well noted for its light industry, which included weaving, gardening and other light industry work. However, this has all gone now and has been replaced with more modern type of industry and work places.

In the time of the Second World War, Bethnal Green was the centre of many air raid bombings and bombing scares. Large parts of Bethnal Green were rebuilt after the end of World War 2, due to the fact that many of the buildings and residential properties were destroyed as a result of the bombings and other damage caused by the Second World War. The worst incident of all was the Bethnal Green tube station incident, which took place in the year 1943. In this one single disastrous incident, a total of one hundred and seventy three people were killed. The 1943 Bethnal Green tube station was actually the result of a large number of frightened people rushing to safety after hearing the noise of German bomber planes. The people who were in Bethnal Green tube station at the time were rushing to find the nearest air raid shelter, but due to the panic and the wet, dark conditions of the tube station, a woman fell down the stairs whilst trying to get to safety. As a result, many others also fell and tripped over her in the midst of all of the panic which led to around three hundred people getting trapped in a tiny stairwell, one hundred and seventy three of which died. Later on, money was raised for a memorial plaque to be placed at the entrance of the tube station to mark this tragic event. Man with a van E2 removals

As well as calling our company on 020 8811 8933 in order to book your forthcoming E2 move, we will also need you to do one more thing and that is to book a parking space from the London Borough of
Hackney or the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council near to your E2 property so that our team has a place to park on the day of the move!.

Postcode Bethnal Green nearby postcodes E8, E9, E3, E1, EC2, N1

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