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Making the move and relocating to your new E14 destination is an exciting time but one that could pose as equally stressful when you are faced with the task of handling everything that is related to moving your personal and commercial belongings to their new E14 destination. It makes absolutely no difference about which kind of property you are relocating to in the E14 area, as every move involves the same kind of work and can prove stressful and difficult if you are not careful about avoiding a bad removals company or don’t have full control of your E14 relocation then you risk having a bad moving experience, which could then lead to dire circumstances in your working or personal life. The reason that relocating to a new property can be so stressful is mainly due to the sheer amount of items that most people have to move, or even if there is not a large amount of items involved, the items which need to be relocated will most likely be of high value to the customer – either for sentimental, importance or expense reasons. To make sure that you make only the best choice from here on when it comes to everything related to your E14 relocation, make sure you choose the number one E14 removals team – London Removals. We don’t push you in to anything that you don’t want to do however, we are sure that once you know what is on offer to you, you will certainly be happy to book your E14 move with us and call 020 8811 8933.

Situated in the area where the E14 postcode covers, are the London areas of Cubitt Town, Poplar, Isle of Dogs, Limehouse, Blackwall and Canary Wharf, all of which are located in the local authority area of Tower Hamlets.

Tower Hamlets, also known as the London Borough of Tower of Hamlets is situated to the east of the City of London. It is a part of the Greater London region, which is one of the nine English regions and is also the second most populated region out of the total nine, despite the fact that it is the smallest in area size. The London Borough of Tower Hamlets is where part of the Olympic Park can be found and is also home to the world’s largest McDonalds’ fast food restaurant. The borough was established in the year 1965 on April 1st.

The borough is considerably small in terms of the area that it covers, as it is ranked as the sixth from smallest district/borough/unitary authority in the whole of England. On the other hand, the borough possesses a large population of over 254, 000 inhabitants which would out it further up the list in the ranking of all of the English boroughs, unitary authorities and districts. The administrative headquarters of the London borough of Tower Hamlets are based in Blackwell in Clove Crescent. Man with a van E14 removals

At London Removals we don’t just find the kind of answers for you that will do the job, because we will instead make this E14 moving experience a great one. We understand that our clients have more going on in their lives and cannot simply just drop everything at once on order to deal with their E14 relocation with us and we don’t expect them to do so. All we ask our clients to do is to call us on 020 8811 8933 where you can talk through your E14 move with us and we will take care of the rest! Don’t forget to reserve your parking space by logging on to the London Borough of Tower Hamlet’s site now!.

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