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Moving house can be a daunting process especially if you have professional and/or family responsibilities. Hiring a professional and friendly moving service can relieve the added stress of trying to prepare for a move while ensuring quality service. At London Removals, we are dedicated to professional, friendly and affordable moving service. We offer a range of moving options, whether you are moving simply a room or two, or an entire house move; we also accommodate office removals.  If you need assistance in the entire packing, loading and transportation process, we are your company!. However, we also offer smaller services, perhaps you just need a few boxes and packaging supplies or some advice on how best to pack and pad fragile goods. We can offer a range of services that fit your needs.  Hiring a professional moving company is critical in ensuring that your belongings are organized as they are packed; this will significantly decrease the unpacking time and save you money and stress, from knowing that your belongings are safely transferred.  Our professional staff is expertly trained to maneuver around narrow doorways or tight hallways quickly and safely. Don’t worry about carrying those heavy boxes, our staff are professionals!. In addition, our moving van has extra padding and other safety measures to ensure that boxes don’t shift around during transportation. Call us at 020 8811 8933 for a free quote and see what services are right for you.

Postcode E13 is within Eastern central London and covers Plaistow, West Ham and Upton Park. Plaistow is a residential area, which is currently undergoing extensive urban re-generation. This redevelopment roughly coincides with the hosting of the Summer Olympic Games in Stratford, which is close to Plaistow. The city of Plaistow recently received 1 million pounds to fund locally designed projects to improve the area, in many areas of communal growth such as arts, athletics, parks and recreation and school funding. The area was settled as early as 1065. It was heavily damaged during the Second World War but redevelopment projects were funded during the 1980’s to fix the damaged areas. Today, it is home to ten acres of memorial park and many smaller more sparing areas. In addition, there is 9.5 acres of recreational ground and leisure centre, including a stadium, track and field club and an athletics center. It is located on the Hammersmith and City line via London Underground and is an easy travel to central London. West Ham is in the London borough of New Ham and it is a postindustrial neighborhood, mostly residential. West Ham United F. is named after the area and football is a popular sport all around the area. However, they also have other sporting interests such as grey hound racing, speed racing as well as rugby.  Upton Park is a smaller area located within West Ham and is well connected to greater Plaistow and beyond as it is also served by the London Underground service.

If you are looking for friendly and affordable moving service to postcode E13, then look no further and call London Removals today at 020 8811 8933. We can cater to your exact needs and ensure that your belongings are packed and transferred safely. Upon arrival to your new residence in postcode E13, it is crucial that you reserve a parking space for the moving van to ensure that there is ample space to unpack the moving van. This ensures that your belongings aren’t damaged and traffic congestion is kept to a minimum. You can reserve a space by contacting the Newham Borough Council here. We look forward to your call today!.

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